Cardi B Breaks Silence on Cozy New Year's Night with Offset
Image By: Billboard

Cardi B Breaks Silence on Cozy New Year’s Night with Offset

After celebrating New Year’s Eve, Cardi B decided to spend the night with her separated husband, Offset, at a popular strip club in Miami called the Fontainebleau Hotel. Both artists were there for some fun, but things got interesting when they went to the lively strip club scene.

Cardi B, who is known for being open about her life, shared on social media about their night. She didn’t hold back and revealed that they not only went to the strip club together but also had a more personal and intimate experience.

She asked the inquisitive minds directly, “Was clubbing with my baby’s father yesterday?,” Yes. Did I get d*cked down yesterday? Yes. I needed d on New Year’s Eve.”

But, during the honest talk, Cardi B made it clear that there won’t be a quick getting back together with Offset. She explained that their New Year’s encounter didn’t mean they were getting back together. Instead, she focused on the good vibes they had that night, hinting at a rekindled connection.

Still, Cardi B made it clear that her personal life and public appearances are separate. The New Year’s incident doesn’t mean they’re getting back together. Reports say they’re working on their problems in therapy, showing they’re committed to overcoming challenges.

Cardi B’s New Year’s Eve event is now a special part of her relationship with Offset. Despite the unusual celebration, the couple is trying to figure things out and grow despite their publicized separation.


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