Child Run Over in Attempted Carjacking Enroute to Orlando Cheer Competition

Child Run Over in Attempted Carjacking Enroute to Orlando Cheer Competition

A family was on their way to a cheerleading competition in Orlando when they were pulled over by a vehicle driven by two guys who attempted to carjack the family. A young girl, aged nine, was run over by the truck.

According to the authorities, the attempted carjacking took place on Tuesday morning in Minden, Louisiana, when a father who was driving with his three kids stopped at Love’s gas station on Highway 131 to take a break from their journey.

A toilet break was taken by the family shortly after twelve o’clock in the morning, during which time two of the older daughters returned to the vehicle while their mother and younger sister remained inside the shop.

The father said to the police that he was checking out when he noticed a vehicle drive up in front of his car and two people get out of it.

The man’s daughter, who is nine years old, followed him out of the store, but the man did not aware that she was with him when he confronted the suspected carjackers.

According to the authorities, the person who stole the car and was driving it sped off and ran over the youngster.

Although the child sustained several broken bones, it is anticipated that they will be discharged from the hospital on Monday.

Out of Shreveport, Louisiana, the two suspects were speeding away in a stolen pickup vehicle that belonged to U-Haul.

A teenager who was a suspect in the crime was taken into custody and is currently being detained on a bail of $2.5 million. The police believe they are getting closer to determining the identity of the motorist who struck the youngster.

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