Federal Conviction and Prison Term for Montana Man Caught Trafficking Fentanyl in Idaho

Federal Conviction and Prison Term for Montana Man Caught Trafficking Fentanyl in Idaho

Quinn Michael Brockman, 34, of Libby, Montana, was sentenced to 48 months in federal prison for fentanyl possession with the intent to distribute, U.S. Attorney Josh Hurwit stated Monday.

According to court records, Brockman was stopped in the Coeur d’Alene area while driving through Idaho with over 216 grams of fentanyl pills he had recently purchased in the Seattle area.

According to the quantities involved, law enforcement’s investigation, and Brockman’s own claims, the pills were purchased with the intent of resale in Montana.

Brockman was also sentenced by US District Judge Amanda K. Brailsford to serve three years of supervised release after completing his prison sentence. Brockman entered a plea of guilty in August 2023.

Fentanyl continues to afflict communities around the country, and these two cases are great illustrations of its widespread impact. Addiction to fentanyl had a role in both situations.

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“I am grateful for our collaboration with ISP and all law enforcement in North Idaho to remove fentanyl dealers from our state,” U.S. Attorney Hurwit stated. “Together, we are committed to addressing the fentanyl problem affecting the health of our communities.”

“Our ongoing collaboration with the DEA Task Force and the U.S. Attorney’s Office is a testament to a joint commitment to community safety,” Idaho State Police Captain Paul Berger of District 1 stated. “These partnerships significantly amplify our effectiveness and underscore the critical importance of interagency cooperation in addressing our region’s complex challenges. By fortifying our ability to combat crime and upholding the law, we will continue achieving positive results and foster safer communities.”

U.S. Attorney Hurwit praised the Drug Enforcement Administration and Idaho State Police for their work in this case.


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