From Data to Danger: Missouri's 5 Most Crime-Infested Cities

From Data to Danger: Missouri’s 5 Most Crime-Infested Cities

There are hidden treasures where the pace of life slows down and the sense of community is as strong as ever in the middle of America, tucked away among the peaceful rivers and rolling hills of Missouri.

Unaffected by the hectic energy of large cities, these tiny communities provide a window into a world where peace and safety are paramount.

Come along as we visit these serene havens where friendly neighbors greet you, the streets are secure, and living the peaceful life of your dreams becomes a daily reality.

Offering a tranquil escape from the rush of city life to both locals and tourists. We’ll examine some of these peaceful villages in more detail in this post, where peace and safety are the norm.


  • Crime Rate: 78% Below National Crime Rate

There are 5,888 people living in Glendale, There are 51.0 violent crimes per 1,000 residents in the city. Furthermore, nonviolent crimes are common, with a rate of 476.1 per population, indicating a high frequency of violations involving property.

Glendale struggles to maintain security and safety despite its small population, thus it’s important to address the underlying issues that lead to the city’s crime figures. Building community resources and improving public safety could be essential to creating a safer environment for locals.


  • Crime Rate: 78% Below National Crime Rate

Ballwin, a town of 30,322 people, has a lively environment that is enhanced by its citizens. But for all its allure, there have been documented cases of criminal activity.

From Data to Danger Missouri's 5 Most Crime-Infested Cities

Ballwin has a violent crime rate of 29.8 per 1,000 residents, making it difficult to keep residents safe and secure.

Additionally, at a prevalence of 679.9 per capita, nonviolent crimes are common. Ballwin is a resilient and changing town that strives to create a safer atmosphere for all of its residents in spite of these statistics.

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Pleasant Hill

  • Crime Rate: 81% Above National Crime Rate

The 8,418-person town of Pleasant Hill is a charming yet worrisome area. Sadly, its diminutive size does not protect it from the unsettling realities of crime.

The violent crime rate is greater than typical (161.7 incidences per capita), and inhabitants have to deal with more danger and violence than usual.

Furthermore, the difficulties are exacerbated by the high incidence of nonviolent crimes, which account for 894.8 instances per 100,000 people.

Pleasant Hill, a name that belies its peacefulness, faces the difficult challenge of reducing high crime rates while working to preserve the safety and pleasantness that its citizens surely want and deserve.

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  • Crime Rate: 78% Below National Crime Rate

With 4,882 residents, Cottleville is a small town with a close-knit community feel. However, there are 88.2 violent crimes per capita. Furthermore, the prevalence of nonviolent offenses is 264.6 per 1,000 people, indicating the necessity for all-encompassing approaches that address the security and protection of Cottleville’s citizens.

From Data to Danger Missouri's 5 Most Crime-Infested Cities

Despite these obstacles, the town’s close-knit community provides chances for group action and assistance in addressing these problems head-on.

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  • Crime Rate: 47% Below National Crime Rate

The town of Ladue, which has 8,586 residents, has alarming data on crime rates. Its 58.0 violent crime rate per capita makes it difficult to guarantee the protection and security of its citizens.

Furthermore, there are a lot of property crimes and other violations, as seen by the 997 reported nonviolent crimes per capita.

To Conclude

Although there is no denying the charm of quiet, close-knit communities in Missouri, the picture given by crime statistics is more complex.

It appears that endearing descriptions are not the only thing that ensure peace. To ascertain if each municipality provides the dreamlike getaway touted, more investigation into the particulars of each community and their initiatives to combat crime would be required.

Recall that having safety is essential to living a tranquil life. Hence, even though Missouri has many picturesque places, it is best to do your research before selecting a refuge.


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