Horrific Hostage Situation Family Duct-Taped, Burned with Fork and Knife
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Horrific Hostage Situation: Family Duct-Taped, Burned with Fork and Knife

A huge gang of men broke into a family’s home earlier this month in a small-town in North Carolina, torturing the residents as they were having a sleepover. It was a horrendous crime.

At first, there weren’t many details available on the Father’s Day weekend incident, but as the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office conducted their investigation, more details became available.

According to law authorities, the event happened early on Saturday, June 15, at Spout Springs, a census-designated town about one hour south of Raleigh. When sheriff’s deputies showed up, after 2 a.m., they discovered the family in a desperate situation.

According to Raleigh-based NBC affiliate WRAL, the sheriff’s office stated that the wife, husband, their daughter, and one of her friends were hanging out in the garage with the door open on the particular night when five or six males showed up and pushed the family inside the house. Eventually, the other kid of the couple was also a victim of the attack.

The attackers allegedly started torturing a few of their captives after the men used duct tape to bind all of their victims.

Sheriff Wayne Coats described the dire circumstances.

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“They took and put a knife and fork — like a butter knife — on top of the stove and heated it up and they just started sticking it to the bodies,” the sheriff stated. “They were trying to get them to tell them where their money and guns were.”

The sheriff stated that although the guys had come looking for weapons and money, none could be located inside the modest and now-shattered house. After rifling through the house, the men fled, taking two cars with them.

The family’s gray, four-door Honda Accord is still missing, but one of the cars has now been found.

According to Coats, there were at least two kid assaults. Law enforcement reports that the attack is still being investigated and that the suspects are still at large.

The sheriff requested that the picture be shared and published a picture of the Dodge Challenger, which is believed to have been driven to the once-picture-perfect suburban murder scene. The automobile is either silver or gray in color.


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