Man's McDonald's Meltdown: Transient Throws Rocks and Confronts Staff

Man’s McDonald’s Meltdown: Transient Throws Rocks and Confronts Staff

A transient man became agitated with his order at McDonald’s and is accused of throwing rocks at the establishment and confronting the staff. Luis Fernando Hernandez Larraga, aged 26, was apprehended on Friday.

He faces charges of disorderly intoxication and criminal mischief due to causing damage to the McDonald’s located at 18500 Summerlin Road. He was released on the same day after posting a $2,250 bond.

According to security footage, Hernandez Larraga was heard saying, “I want my money or my food,” and later demanded a refund. In response, an employee asked him to leave the premises.

Hernandez Larraga went behind the counter to confront the employee and subsequently charged into the restaurant’s lobby, as reported by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

After exiting the restaurant, he collected a handful of rocks, reentered, and hurled them at the counter, causing damage, according to the sheriff’s office.

Authorities stated that he picked up three handfuls of rocks before an employee intervened, resulting in one of the rocks shattering a window of the McDonald’s.

Following this, Hernandez Larraga began to swing wildly, the sheriff’s office reported. An employee locked the front door after he left the premises. Witnesses informed authorities that Hernandez Larraga fled the scene in a pickup truck as a passenger.

Law enforcement located the pickup truck on San Carlos Boulevard and spoke with the driver, who stated that Hernandez Larraga had asked to be picked up after going to the restaurant for food. The witness noted that Hernandez Larraga did not have any food with him.

Hernandez Larraga’s next court appearance for his arraignment is scheduled for August 29th.

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