Miami Airport Incident Women Arrested Following Clash with Airline Employee

Miami Airport Incident: Women Arrested Following Clash with Airline Employee

Two female passengers were taken into custody at Miami International Airport following a confrontation with an airline employee and a subsequent clash with law enforcement.

A video captured on a cellphone, sent to NBC 6 Miami by the news outlet Only In Dade, depicts the arrest of two disruptive women on Tuesday.

One of them, sporting bright pink hair, can be seen kicking her feet and attempting to escape while crawling on her stomach, loudly shouting, “Get off of me!” The other woman is lying face down on the ground with her wrists bound behind her back.

The incident took place around 9:30 a.m. at a Frontier Airlines ticket counter.

The two women were informed that they would not be permitted to board their flight to Atlanta due to being 45 minutes late.

According to an arrest report mentioned by the station, the verbal altercation turned violent when a 20-year-old named Makyan Mercer allegedly hurled a plastic sign holder at the Frontier employee, causing a cut on her face.

The second woman involved was identified as 21-year-old Janaeah Negash.

She attempted to interfere with Mercer’s arrest by placing herself between Mercer and the police.

As per the arrest report, Negash shouted at the officers, “Don’t touch her!”

Mercer was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, resisting arrest with violence, and disorderly conduct.

She was booked at the Miami-Dade County Jail. Negash was also arrested for resisting arrest with violence and disorderly conduct.

Both individuals, residents of Durham, North Carolina, were released from custody after each posted a $500 bail. They are scheduled to appear in a Florida court on February 23.

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