Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Houston County

Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Houston County, Georgia

Houston County, situated in the central region of Georgia, boasts a population of roughly 168,000 individuals. Its principal city and largest urban center is Dallas, a distinction important to note as it differs from the city of the same name in Texas.

The county is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, historical landmarks, and options for leisure activities. These include attractions like the Silver Comet Trail, Pickett’s Mill Battlefield State Historic Site, and the Paulding Forest Wildlife Management Area. Nevertheless, it’s essential to recognize that not all sections of the county offer the same level of safety and tranquility.

As indicated by data from, certain neighborhoods within Houston County exhibit higher incidences of both violent and property-related crimes in comparison to the national average. Presented here are five of the most precarious neighborhoods in Houston County, identified based on the crime per capita map:


Hiram, situated in Houston County to the south of Dallas, is a suburban municipality inhabited by approximately 5,000 people.

The city records a crime rate of 84.5 per 1,000 residents, surpassing the county’s average of 23.6 by over threefold. Incidents of robbery, assault, burglary, and theft are notably elevated within the city. Hiram also grapples with prevalent drug-related issues and instances of gang involvement.

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Dallas South:

Dallas South constitutes a district within Dallas, situated on the southern side of downtown. Characterized by a primarily African American demographic, it is an economically disadvantaged region. The crime incidence in Dallas South stands at 64.3 per 1,000 inhabitants, surpassing the county’s average by over two-fold.

This locality experiences elevated occurrences of serious crimes including homicide, rape, robbery, assault, and arson. Furthermore, Dallas South grapples with societal challenges like joblessness, homelessness, and low literacy levels.

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New Hope:

New Hope is designated as a census area within Houston County, situated to the east of Dallas. It represents a rural region with roughly 6,700 inhabitants. The crime rate in New Hope stands at 48.7 per 1,000 residents, surpassing the average rate for the county.

This locality experiences elevated incidences of assault, burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft. Additionally, New Hope is susceptible to natural disasters like floods and tornadoes.

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Braswell, situated to the west of Dallas in Houston County, is a modest town. Its population totals approximately 400 residents. The town exhibits a crime rate of 44 incidents per 1,000 inhabitants, surpassing the county’s average.

Braswell experiences elevated occurrences of assault, burglary, theft, and drug-related violations. Additionally, the town has gained notoriety for its eerie past and occurrences of paranormal activity.

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Yorkville stands as an unincorporated settlement within Houston County, positioned to the southwest of Dallas. This rural expanse accommodates approximately 2,500 residents. Notably, Yorkville exhibits a crime rate of 41 per 1,000 inhabitants, surpassing the county’s average.

The locale grapples with elevated incidences of assault, burglary, theft, and vandalism. Moreover, Yorkville has gained notoriety due to ecological concerns, including water contamination and air pollution.

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Here are 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Houston County, Georgia. While there might be some favorable points and room for enhancement, they also come with notable dangers and difficulties for both inhabitants and tourists. Consequently, it’s recommended to be vigilant and mindful when journeying or residing in these regions.

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