Multiple Suspects Charged in Tampa for Mail Carrier Armed Robbery
Image By: FOX 13 Tampa Bay

Multiple Suspects Charged in Tampa for Mail Carrier Armed Robbery

On Friday, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Tampa announced that multiple residents from the city face charges related to armed robberies of U.S. Postal Carriers.

According to two federal complaints revealed on Friday, Jordan Michelle Brown (20), Jordan Murray (19), and Darine Underwood were accused of robbing a postal worker at gunpoint during mail delivery at a Temple Terrace apartment complex.

The trio allegedly held the mail carrier at gunpoint, demanding his keys and attempting to detach the keys from his pants. After obtaining the keys, they reportedly smashed them on the ground before fleeing the scene.

In a separate incident, Christopher Raymond (20) and Andre Hylton (19), both from Miramar, were charged with robbing two postal carriers in South Tampa.

According to federal officials, Raymond and Hylton used a gun to demand keys from a carrier, and their identification was facilitated through GPS data from their vehicle.

Furthermore, federal officials highlighted another case from the previous month, where a Tampa resident received a nine-year and three-month sentence for armed robbery of a postal carrier.

In July 2022, Jahiem Faison (19) and a juvenile accomplice reportedly robbed a letter carrier at gunpoint in a Riverview apartment complex while the worker was on his delivery route.

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