Murder Charge Tampa Man Arrested in Connection with Body Found
Image By: FOX 13 Tampa Bay

Murder Charge: Tampa Man Arrested in Connection with Body Found

A guy was linked by authorities to an event involving a dead corpse discovered next to a storage facility in Tampa, and he is now being charged with first-degree murder.

A dead body was discovered Friday just before noon in the vicinity of Dona Michelle Drive, close to the New Tampa Nature Park, according to a report received by Tampa police.

The 35-year-old man’s body was discovered, according to the authorities, “in an advanced stage of decomposition.” Police did not reveal the man’s identity even though they positively identified him during the investigation thanks to a Florida driver’s license.

Subsequently, the police found out the man had been residing in his 2006 Dodge Charger for some time before to the event and also found out that another person was operating the vehicle.

Investigators allegedly found the deceased man’s automobile at the residence of Andre Aris, 29, the next day. Aris was then taken into police custody.

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A month before to the incident, Aris informed the authorities that he had met the 35-year-old. A week earlier, he said, the unnamed man gave him the Charger to sell.

Aris informed authorities during a second interrogation that the seller of the car didn’t resemble the individual who was discovered deceased. Officials said Aris did, however, possess multiple of the man’s photo ID cards.

Using a search warrant, the police carried out their investigation at the storage facility and a neighboring hotel. They claim that there was enough evidence discovered to link Aris to the killing.

Aris is accused of one crime of first-degree murder and one count of grand theft of a motor vehicle. He is scheduled to appear in court at Orient Road Jail.


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