Parents Share Unbearable Pain After Losing Twin Sons in Tragic Drowning Accident.

Parents Share Unbearable Pain After Losing Twin Sons in Tragic Drowning Accident.

MIAMI –The pain and heartbreak these parents feel is too much to bear.

They talked to CBS News Miami on Saturday with the help of an interpreter, just one day after their twin sons, Alex and Andrew Paul, who were 13 years old, drowned.

“This is a big pain. She doesn’t know how to describe it because it’s a pain she’s never felt before,” the boy’s mother, Modeline Cereste, said through an interpreter.

Witnesses say that Alex fell into the lake while playing with friends near the lake at Arthur Woodard Park on the 1100 block of Northwest 99th Street on Friday afternoon.

Andrew jumped in to save his brother, but then they both started struggling in the water.

First responders ran to the scene and pulled the boys out of the lake, but the twins were already dead.

“He can’t change anything, but it hurts him a lot that so many kids die at the same time. “If he could do anything to save them, he would do everything to save his kids,” the boys’ father, Joinnel Louis, said through an interpreter.

Alex and Andrew’s family says they were very close and had big plans for the future.

“Andrew told her mom that when he became a cop, he would help her a lot. Alex said the same thing: “When we grow up, we’ll work hard to give her a new home and a new life. That was the dream,” said the speaker on behalf of Cereste.

But those dreams are no longer possible.

And all that’s left are the memories, the love, and the pain of Alex and Andrew’s deaths.

The brothers came into this world together and will leave it together.

The boys’ family says that there is no set date for their funeral.

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