Progressive Pockets Unveiling South Dakota's 5 Most Liberal Cities

Progressive Pockets: Unveiling South Dakota’s 5 Most Liberal Cities

South Dakota, nestled in the center of the Great Plains, is home to cities that thrive on progressive ideals and welcoming attitudes.

You have come to the correct place if you are interested in learning more about South Dakota’s political landscape and where the majority of its residents lean left. The following cities in the state are the most liberal:

CityPopulationMedian IncomeMedian Home ValueMedian Rent
Sioux Falls193,401$71,785$311,972$965

Sioux Falls

With a population of 193,401, Sioux Falls has a median income of $71,785 and a median home value of $311,972. With a cost of living of 89, this dynamic city is far less expensive than the national average, attracting a lot of visitors.

The median rent in the area is $965, making rental expenses fair. With a 2.3% unemployment rate, the city’s strong economy is evident. Sioux Falls has a 9.7% poverty rate, which is a sign of persistent socioeconomic difficulties despite its wealth.


With 11,667 residents, Vermillion has a typical home value of $229,091 and a median income of $47,813. With a cost of living rating of 87, it is 0.9 times less expensive than the national average, which makes it a desirable place to live.

Progressive Pockets Unveiling South Dakota's 5 Most Liberal Cities

Notwithstanding these benefits, Vermillion has obstacles including a 10.0% unemployment rate and a 26.2% poverty rate. Vermillion’s $746 median rent reflects the peculiarities of the local housing market.

Despite these socioeconomic challenges, Vermillion’s varied community and rather low cost of living help it to retain its attraction.

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With 23,530 residents, Brookings has a typical house value of $281,909 and a median income of $57,824. With a cost of living index of 89, it is much less than the national average by 0.9 times. The median cost of renting in Brookings is $856.

The city does, however, confront difficulties, as seen by its 5.1% unemployment rate and 16.5% poverty rate. Notwithstanding these obstacles, Brookings is nevertheless a thriving community with room to grow and prosper.

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With 10,919 residents, Brandon is a community with a median house value of $362,304 and a median income of $101,747. Brandon has a reasonably priced lifestyle, with a cost of living index of 94, which is 0.9 times cheaper than the national average.

Progressive Pockets Unveiling South Dakota's 5 Most Liberal Cities

With a $972 median rent, there are affordable housing options for locals. Brandon also keeps a low unemployment rate of 1.2%, which is a sign of a steady job economy. In addition, Brandon has a very low 2.7% poverty rate, which is indicative of the city’s general economic prosperity and well-being.

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With 28,388 residents, Aberdeen has a median house value of $216,009 and a typical income of $62,684. Aberdeen provides affordable housing for its citizens, with a cost of living index of 92, which is 0.9 times lower than the national average.

The city’s appeal is enhanced by the $741 median rent. Aberdeen has difficulties despite these advantages, with a 4.2% unemployment rate and a 13.0% poverty rate.

Nevertheless, the community perseveres, striving to get past these challenges and provide a flourishing atmosphere for its residents.

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To Conclude

There are many liberal-leaning cities in South Dakota, each with a distinct personality. For individuals looking for a progressive community, there are several options, from the robust economy of Sioux Falls to the quaint small-town atmosphere of Brandon.

Even though several cities face socioeconomic challenges, visitors are drawn to them because of their pleasant environments and reasonable cost of living.

Choose the South Dakota liberal city that best meets your needs by taking into account your priorities, which may include a close-knit community, affordable housing, or economic opportunities.