Shocking Driver Arrested in Deadly Hit-and-Run Near Downtown Miami!

Shocking: Driver Arrested in Deadly Hit-and-Run Near Downtown Miami!

Police say they have caught the driver who hit and killed a pedestrian and then ran away from the scene near downtown Miami.

An arrest report said that Brandon Campos, 19, was taken into custody on Friday on a charge of leaving the scene of a crash that caused death.

The report says that Campos was driving a grey Ford Mustang around 6:30 a.m. on March 25 near Southwest 2nd Avenue and Southwest 2nd Street when, for some reason, he lost control and hit the victim who was walking on the sidewalk.

The report said that after the crash, the person was stuck between the Mustang and a concrete post.

The report said that a person who heard the crash and ran to help said that Campos got out of the Mustang and asked the person to help him push his car, which was stuck on the curb.

The report said that the witness then saw that the victim was stuck between the car and the post.

At about the same time, a white Dodge Charger showed up at the scene. The people inside seemed to know Campos and helped him move his car off the victim, according to the report.

The report said that Campos then drove away in the Mustang, and the Charger also drove away.

Shocking Driver Arrested in Deadly Hit-and-Run Near Downtown Miami!

Another witness ran over to the scene, but as soon as she saw the people in the white Charger, she knew something bad was going on, the report said.

The report said that this person took a picture of the Charger’s license plate.

When the police officer got there, he found the dead person at the corner of the intersection. The victim’s name hasn’t been made public yet.

The report said that an SOS crash system called for help and said that a crash involving a vehicle owned by Campos had happened at the intersection.

The report said that a third witness, a freelance journalist, saw tire marks and scrapes on the road and followed them to a nearby parking garage, where he found the Mustang covered with a white sheet.

The report said that the Mustang’s front end was broken and that it had red stains that looked like blood.

“The car had damage that was consistent with the accident, and there was blood all over the outside of the car,” the report said. “There were smudges all over the front of the car and on the windshield, as if someone had tried to hide what they had done.”

The report said that the first two witnesses later picked Campos out of a group of photos as the driver.

Campos was caught and put in jail. Records showed that he was being held on a $25,000 bond. There was no information about the attorney.

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