SW Miami-Dade Residents Stunned by Body Found in Trash Container
Image By: WSVN

SW Miami-Dade Residents Stunned by Body Found in Trash Container

The manner in which the body of an adult male wound up in a home’s garbage can in a residential neighborhood in Southwest Miami-Dade is being looked into by police.

Miami-Dade police reported that just before 5:00 p.m., homicide investigators were dispatched to a residence in the 8400 block of SW 161st Place.

According to the police, the body was discovered at approximately 2:00 p.m. and appeared to have sustained a gunshot wound.

Police stated that their goal as investigators was to positively identify the body.

According to the authorities, the corpse was discovered in a household trash can by a Department of Solid Waste rubbish collector.

Yellow crime scene tape was obstructing the home’s garage entrance in real-time video from the scene.

Police did not provide any other details. The probe is still going on.

Call (305) 471-8477 or (305) 471-TIPS to report information on a crime.

Source: CBS Miami

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