Tallahassee Man Accused of Impersonating Veterinarian, Dog Dies in His Care
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Tallahassee Man Accused of Impersonating Veterinarian, Dog Dies in His Care

A man who allegedly worked as a veterinarian and treated dogs—at least one of whom passed away while in his care—has been taken into custody by Tallahassee Police.

Kenneth Wade Jr., 33, is accused with grand theft and unlicensed veterinary medicine practice.

Wade has allegedly hurt or murdered three people’s dogs while the dogs were in his care. One of those pet owners has made claims that lead to these charges.

According to Tallahassee Police, the inquiry got underway in August 2023. Wade’s arrest report states that a woman gave him $175 in exchange for his treating her American Pit Bull Terrier. According to the criminal records, he told her he would charge her $350 and requested the $175 up front.

Although the dog’s veterinarian advised surgery, she looked for a less expensive solution.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Wade, also known on Facebook as “PitGod,” was recommended to her by a friend. On August 17, the woman left her dog with him.

According to the arrest records, Wade informed the woman that her dog “was no longer doing well” on August 23, six days later. Wade “did not provide the photos or videos as promised,” the lady told police, adding that he then started avoiding her calls. The woman had asked Wade to send pictures or videos of her dog.

Then, according to the court records, Wade informed the woman that he was taking her dog to the veterinary clinic where he works and would be placing the animal on life support.

The woman called the police on August 27 in an attempt to retrieve her dog. However, the police report states that Wade texted her later that day to “apologize that her dog had died.”

A little video showing her dog “motionless on top of a blanket” was also given to her by him.

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The woman attempted to get her dog’s remains from Wade, but he would not answer her messages, according to Wade’s police report. On his family’s Gadsden County land, he said police, “he sent messages to (the woman) to pick up her dog, but she took too long to retrieve it, so he buried it.”

The veterinarian who had initially evaluated the woman’s dog was questioned by police.

Wade allegedly told the lady he worked at a Tallahassee animal hospital, but investigators say he didn’t. Wade did not work there, according to a staff member who was contacted by the police.

Wade appeared in court for the first time on Thursday morning. The judge granted a $1,000 bond for each of Wade’s counts, according to court documents.

Wade cannot own any animals, and the judge also banned him from posting on social media about practicing veterinary medicine.


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