Tampa Riverwalk to Double in Size with Exciting West Riverwalk Development

Tampa Riverwalk to Double in Size with Exciting West Riverwalk Development

TAMPA, Fla. – Many individuals utilize the Tampa Riverwalk on the eastern bank of the Hillsborough River. Presently, plans are coalescing for the novel West Riverwalk, which encompasses a fresh neighborhood in Downtown Tampa.

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor expressed, “The success of the Riverwalk on the eastern side of the river has surpassed our most optimistic expectations. As a result, we are greatly enthused about the West Riverwalk.”

The proposed blueprint involves the construction of three novel residential towers near W. Kennedy Boulevard and S. Parker Street.

Preliminary designs put forth by the developer, Related Group, encompass nearly a thousand new residential units alongside commercial space. This upcoming neighborhood is being referred to by the developer as the Riverwalk District.

The Tampa Riverwalk is poised to double in size.

Groundbreaking is anticipated in the initial months of 2024.

This new development might coincide with the second phase of the Waterstreet Development and the commencement of the Gasworx project that connects Channelside and Ybor City.

The introduction of new edifices will inevitably lead to an increase in population and traffic.

A fresh neighborhood is on the horizon for Downtown Tampa.

Castor commented, “This presents a significant challenge.”

Traversing Tampa by car could likely become more challenging. Castor envisions what some dub as 15 Minute Neighborhoods.

“It’s an area where you can access any required service or amenity – work, retail, within a 15-minute radius. A vehicle won’t be necessary,” Castor expounded.

Encouraging people to distance themselves from their cars might prove to be challenging. Nevertheless, in the next few years in Downtown Tampa, the only means of evading heavy traffic could involve commuting along the Riverwalk.

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