1-Year-Old Twins Allegedly Starved, Almost Killed by Pennsylvania Parents: DA

1-Year-Old Twins Allegedly Starved, Almost Killed by Pennsylvania Parents: DA

Law enforcement officials in Pennsylvania said that two parents had been arrested for allegedly starving and abusing their 1-year-old twins to the brink of death.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer announced on Tuesday that Armani Coleman, 23, and Zamareon Moat, 18, are accused with conspiring, aggravated assault, and endangering the welfare of children.

“The actions of these defendants are incomprehensible in their heinousness: they are alleged to have intentionally starved their medically fragile infant daughter to near death and are believed to have inflicted a near fatal head injury on their infant son,” Stollsteimer stated. “Marks of possible strangulation, as well as bite marks, add to the picture of depravity presented by these defendants. Despite offers of assistance from CYS, the defendants missed dozens of doctor appointments, likely fearful that their abuse would be detected.”

When Chesterfield City Police Department officers arrived at the scene of an unconscious newborn on January 22, 2024, Coleman gave them her one-year-old son.

The infant appeared lethargic and to be breathing shallowly, according to the police.

The toddler may have struck his head on a door frame while crawling, the parents informed police. After being transported to Nemours Children’s Hospital, it was determined that he had sustained injuries consistent with shaking or impact events as well as bilateral facial injuries from blunt impact trauma.

Additionally, a subdural hemorrhage was surgically drained from the 1-year-old boy.

The infant’s injuries were close to deadly, according to the DA’s office, after the child’s pediatrician evaluated the child for abuse.

The detective examined the kid first, then the female twin, who had several scrapes on her body and markings and bruises on her face.

Moat claimed to police that the youngster had self-inflicted the wounds, but the doctor who examined her noted the scratches’ locations did not fit this theory.

The doctor also discovered that the girl was malnourished and had been purposefully denied food, which had almost killed her. The girl had injuries and marks consistent with a type of strangulation or restraint, and doctors noticed what seemed to be bite marks on her.

Both parents claimed to be the twins’ exclusive caregivers to the police, as neither had a job.

After looking through both parents’ electronic devices, detectives allegedly discovered searches for “scar removal cream for toddlers,” “how to get rid of a bite mark,” and “can you tell if a baby been choked.”

Detectives were informed by the County Department of youngsters and Youth Services (CYS) that a case had been initiated against the youngsters due to their 15 medical appointment cancellations.

The DA added that the female twin was a medically delicate infant who needed oxygen, and that documents reveal both girls tested positive for THC at birth.

According to CYS, the girl was not using the required monitoring devices. The George W. Hill Correctional Facility has received both parents’ remand.

“Confronted with this horrible situation, I am reminded yet again of my respect and gratitude for the members of law enforcement and the medical professionals who work every day to prevent this type of tragedy from happening – and to respond and protect our children when these horrific events happen,” Stollsteimer stated. “They are truly doing God’s work.”