18-Year-Old Identified as Victim in Bowden Road Shooting

18-Year-Old Identified as Victim in Bowden Road Shooting

Gun violence abruptly ended the aspirations of a Jacksonville teenager who dreamed of serving his country.

The family of 18-year-old Buba Kolly revealed that he had a passion for football, basketball, and tinkering with cars, including a recently acquired Volkswagen.

“He smiled a lot. He loved music. Like every kid, he just was full of life. He really was,” Kausu Kolly, Buba’s brother, said. “He ended up saving the money and got the car. He was so happy about that because he was free. He said ‘I can do whatever I want!’.”

Buba was fatally shot while inside the car, a Volkswagen that became the focal point of a murder investigation early Saturday morning.

Kausu recounted that he and his friend had been leaving a party and stopped for gas on Bowden Road. Tragically, shortly thereafter, Buba was shot and killed under the I-95 overpass. His friend is currently in critical condition in the ICU.

“As I was pulling in, that’s when it became reality. Because I saw his car right there. I saw the gunshots and realized this is real. I really did just lose a brother.”

Kausu mentioned that Buba was just one credit away from earning his high school diploma and had intentions of joining the Army soon.

Despite his physical absence, Kausu emphasized that his brother’s legacy of hard work continues to endure.

“He made me want to think more about my life. And I’m the older one! I’m like, ‘Wow I got to finish college and do more;.”

Kausu initiated a GoFundMe campaign to assist his parents in covering unforeseen funeral costs.

As per records, there have been at least five shootings on Jacksonville roads since August, resulting in seven people being shot, three of whom lost their lives. Kausu is urging the community to put an end to the violence.

“You haven’t even lived yet. You know? I feel like at 18 you should be able to fully enjoy life. Not worried about it being taken,” he said.