2024 Republican Nomination Trump Dominates Polls Despite Indictment

2024 Republican Nomination: Trump Dominates Polls Despite Indictment

As former President Donald Trump faces his third indictment, and with the 2024 Iowa Caucuses six months away, Fox 4 took to the streets in Downtown Fort Myers to gauge the public sentiment.

During their interviews, Fox 4 spoke with Florida residents who passionately believed that Donald Trump was being unjustly targeted. Julie Bates expressed her discontent, stating, “I think it’s disgusting. I think it’s all a facade to cover up all the things the Bidens have done.”

In current polls for the 2024 Republican nomination, Trump holds a commanding lead, with support ranging from 25 to 40 points. Florida Governor Ron Desantis trails significantly behind in second place.

The looming question now is whether the charges against Trump will sway the Republican Party’s support toward Desantis. Roxanne Rice shared her perspective, saying, “I’m not sure that this is quite Ron Desantis’ time. He’s a great guy, we love him. We want to keep him as our Governor a little while longer.”

Despite the latest indictment, many interviewed by Fox 4’s Bella Line don’t believe it will significantly impact Trump’s campaign. However, the upcoming Republican debate on August 23 could prove to be a crucial turning point in the nomination race.

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