5 Cheapest Places to Call Home In Pennsylvania

Budget-Friendly Living: 5 Cheapest Places to Call Home In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, a historically significant and scenic state, has a range of affordable housing possibilities. There are a few locations in the Keystone State that are particularly affordable for anyone looking to live a decent life without breaking the bank.

These five locations, which range from the picturesque serenity of St. Marys to the historic beauty of Williamsport, offer people a variety of affordable housing alternatives, neighborhood amenities, and easy access to bigger cities.

These Pennsylvania cities can be the ideal choice for you if you’re a first-time buyer, a retiree seeking a quiet spot to live, or you’re just searching for a place that will match your budget the best.

Let’s examine the specifics of what makes each of these the most affordable and hospitable locations in Pennsylvania.

PlacePopulationMedian IncomeMedian Home PriceMedian Rent
Oil City9,599$48,632$80,395$767

Oil City

With 9,599 residents, Oil City is a charming town. With an overall cost of living index of 80 and a reputation for economical living, it is a desirable choice for people looking to strike a balance between spending and quality of life.

Its diminutive size belies a decent $48,632 median income, giving its residents a solid financial base. With a median home price of $80,395 and a median rent of $767, housing options are especially affordable, allowing both singles and families to find acceptable quarters without going over budget.

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Bradford is a reasonably priced area to live, with a population of 7,847 and an overall cost of living index of 79. The average yearly salary of the locals is $47,917, providing a stable financial environment.

5 Cheapest Places to Call Home In Pennsylvania

With a median house price of $79,099, Bradford provides reasonably priced options for individuals wishing to settle down. The town is known for being an affordable place to live, and its typical rent of $735 helps to justify this reputation for those looking to rent.

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There are 7,004 people living in the Pennsylvanian town of Connellsville. Compared to many other locations, it offers an economical lifestyle with an overall Cost of Living Index of 80. With a typical income of $51,943, residents enjoy a respectable standard of living.

With a median home price of $130,507, there are plenty of appealing housing alternatives available, making homeownership within reach for many. The median rent for individuals who would rather rent is a fair $653, providing options for inexpensive living.

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With 17,749 residents, McKeesport has an overall Cost of Living Index of 81, making it a reasonably priced area to live. The median income, which is $31,635 despite being affordable, strikes a balance between earning potential and living expenses.

5 Cheapest Places to Call Home In Pennsylvania

The $82,277 median house price in McKeesport offers a cost-effective option for homeownership to individuals who are ready to settle down. Renting, on the other hand, is a feasible alternative that gives inhabitants flexibility in their home choices and a typical rent of $752.

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With 13,143 residents, Sharon is a community with a good overall cost of living index of 81. The town’s median income of $40,089 gives its citizens a high level of living despite its small size.

With the median home price of $57,668 and the median rent of $684, housing alternatives are especially reasonably priced. These elements add to Sharon’s allure as a desirable and easily accessible community where inhabitants can live well without going over budget.

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Final Words

For individuals seeking a fantastic place to live without going over budget, Pennsylvania has a wide range of reasonably priced housing options available.

These communities, which range from quaint villages like Oil City to historic cities like Williamsport, offer cheap housing alternatives, community facilities, and quick access to larger cities to its inhabitants.

There is a great Pennsylvania city for you, whether you’re a first-time home buyer, a retiree searching for a quiet location to live, or you’re just looking for something that will fit within your budget.


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