$7 Million Awarded to Ex-Officer in Palm Beach County Jury Verdict

$7 Million Awarded to Ex-Officer in Palm Beach County Jury Verdict

LAKE WORTH BEACH, Fla. — A former police officer from Lake Worth Beach has been granted a jury award of slightly over $7 million by a Palm Beach County jury. This legal battle with the city has extended for more than twenty years.

As per court documents, Officer Joseph Viera was en route to an emergency call in 2001, when his life took a drastic turn.

While on his way to the scene, his vehicle was struck on the side by another driver, resulting in severe injuries that ultimately ended his career.

According to his legal representatives, Viera sustained extensive nerve damage, a fractured neck, and partial paralysis in certain parts of his body.

Reportedly, Viera did not receive the benefits owed to him by the city, which encompassed fundamental health insurance and medical coverage. Consequently, on August 16, the jury concluded with an award of $7,173,911 to Viera.

Based on court records, the city of Lake Worth Beach did not adhere to the terms of the settlement agreement. Following the verdict, the city released a statement indicating its intention to contest the decision through an appeal process.

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