Alabama Receives $1.6 Million Grant to Tackle Drug-Related Crime Under Ivey's Initiative

Alabama Receives $1.6 Million Grant to Tackle Drug-Related Crime Under Ivey’s Initiative

A much-needed boost is set to arrive for Alabama law enforcement in their battle against drug-related crimes and illicit narcotics.

The state’s seven regional drug task forces and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency will each get a $200,000 grant, according to a Friday announcement made by Governor Kay Ivey. The total value of the individual grants is $1.6 million.

“Illegal drugs are menaces that destroy lives, ruin families and lead to rampant crime,” Gov. Ivey stated. “I commend these law enforcement officers for working to get this scourge off our streets and make our communities and neighborhoods safer.”

The Alabama Drug Enforcement Task Force made 653 drug-related arrests involving 1,121 drug-related charges in 2022 alone, working with federal, state, and other law enforcement officials.

Nearly 715,000 grams of marijuana, 183,994 kilos of methamphetamine, 46,000 grams of crack cocaine, and 38,734 grams of heroin were found by the task force. Also confiscated was money linked to drug-related offenses totaling over $946,954.

Members of the task forces were also commended by ADECA Director Kenneth Boswell.

“ADECA joins with Gov. Ivey in lauding these task forces and officers who are committed to taking drugs off the streets and arresting those who dare to profit from the tragedies they create.”

Ivey recently granted more than $600,000 to assist five police agencies and sheriff’s offices in purchasing new equipment to enhance public safety, on top of the $1.6 million for the regional task teams.

The task forces were established in 2018 and consist of members from local law enforcement departments. There are eight to twelve counties in each region.

The task force is led by ALEA.