Arrest Made After I-95 Pursuit and Highway Standoff Unfolds
Image Source: WHYY

Arrest Made After I-95 Pursuit and Highway Standoff Unfolds

A truck was surrounded by over twelve Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office patrol cars on Interstate 95 during Monday afternoon after a pursuit. I-95 in both directions was temporarily closed at Golfair Boulevard when the truck crashed after being intentionally spun out by JSO officers. The road was reopened several hours later.

Around 1 p.m., officers had the truck completely surrounded, with some positioned behind their patrol cars, armed with long guns.

Multiple sources report that a suspect was apprehended after the chase, which began on the Northside.

A person who arrived at the scene shortly after the truck collided with the concrete median, depicting the truck emitting smoke after the crash.

Multiple individuals, along with one man returning from the airport, recounted what they observed in their rearview mirrors prior to the accident.

“They’re moving all around the roads. I’m trying to figure out which way to get out of their, you know, their pathway up on this white truck, kind of swerving in and you know, back and forth from lane to lane, but the police behind him. So then I started thinking, ‘oh, man, I gotta get out of the way of all this. I don’t know what’s gonna happen,'” he stated.

At the following moment, a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) patrol car collided with the rear corner of the truck, causing it to overturn onto its side and eventually upside down.

The closure of the highway led to a significant traffic jam for several miles along the interstate. By 1:15, traffic was congested on the northbound lanes of I-95 all the way down to W Beaver Street.

The flow of northbound traffic resumed at approximately 1:30 p.m., and one southbound lane was reopened shortly after 2 p.m.