Attorney General Tim Griffin Challenges Texas Robocaller's Persistent Bans Violation

Attorney General Tim Griffin Challenges Texas Robocaller’s Persistent Bans Violation

According to a press release, Attorney General Tim Griffin is pleading with the courts to pursue further measures against a robocaller operating out of Texas who has broken permanent restrictions.

John Spiller is the company’s owner. Its name is Rising Eagle Capital Group, LLC. Griffin claims that despite having a permanent ban from telemarketing, Spiller is running other businesses.

The United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas barred Spiller in March 2023 for telemarketing harassment.

Griffin forbade Spiller and his associates from engaging in telemarketing along with seven other state attorneys general.

“Unwanted calls are a nuisance to every Arkansan. I will continue to combat robocallers who ignore the law and the courts,” Griffin stated.

Since being sued in the first place, Spiller reportedly established at least three additional companies through which he makes telemarketing calls.

Griffin and the other attorneys general are requesting that the court prohibit Spiller from using any phone-related services because he violated these bans. This involves using the US phone network to make calls, using text messaging services, and enabling ringless voicemail messages.

Additionally, Spiller is being urged by the attorneys general to dissolve all of his current phone service businesses.

Attorneys general request that Spiller pay more than $122 million, which would have been suspended had he complied with the initial court order, in addition to these new limitations.