Beloved Coconut Grove Resident Killed in Early Morning Shooting
Image By: CBS News

Beloved Coconut Grove Resident Killed in Early Morning Shooting

Early on Wednesday, a longtime resident of Coconut Grove was shot and killed close to his home.

According to Miami police, a report of a shooting at 3320 SW 37 Avenue was received about 1:30 in the morning. Officers discovered a shot 57-year-old male when they arrived. After being taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, he passed away.

According to Thaddeus Scott, the individual resided a few blocks from the scene of the shooting and was known to him as “Chris”. He claimed to recall the birth of Chris, who others preferred to refer to as “Rolex.”

“We all grew up playing in the park and I went to school with his aunt. I knew the guy when he was born, man, I knew this kid when he was born,” Scott stated.

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“It saddens me to see, you know, a young man with so much promise to, you know, die on a street corner, less than a block away from where he grew up and played ball, and went to school, and you know, it’s just sad,” he continued.

Scott mentioned that Chris enjoyed saying “hi” to everyone as he rode his bike through the community.

“Ride walk, talk, you know, crack jokes, you know, just a regular young man,” he stated.

To pay their respects, a few of Chris’s friends and family members visited the scene of his shooting. It was obvious how much he was adored.

The goal of the investigation is to identify the trigger, as well as the individual who carried out the shooting.


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