These are 5 Best Jacksonville Neighborhoods in 2023!
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These are 5 Best Jacksonville Neighborhoods in 2023!

Consider what kinds of entertainment and conveniences would be most useful to you and your family before you begin your search for a new home. How close do you need to be to places like stores and schools? Which of these commuting times do you prefer? In what kind of house do you feel most at ease?

You have a clear idea of what you need to find, so you can begin your investigation. We’ve compiled a list of some of Jacksonville’s best, most visited, and well-known neighborhoods to get you started.


Riverside could be a good fit if you’re into huge villas in the Mediterranean revival style and brownstones in the craftsman style of the 20th century.

This bustling district of the city is located along the St. Johns River and is home to many unique stores, delicious eateries, and cool cafes. In River City, riding across one of the many bridges is a common pastime and walking is a way of life. Other popular pastimes include visiting the city’s many museums and gardens.


Avondale is famous for its colonial revival riverfront houses worth millions of dollars and its high-end apartment complexes. Many neighborhoods, including Springfield, are experiencing a housing revival boom as people everywhere get their hands dirty with neighborhood beautification projects.

Upscale hipsters who enjoy activities like visiting breweries after work, shopping for organic produce at weekend farmer’s markets, and enjoying live music on restaurant patios might feel at home in Avondale.

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Mandarin has a reputation as a family-friendly residential area due to its enormous oak trees covered with Spanish moss and its excellent schools. The neighborhood is close to downtown, the beach, and a ton of local shopping, and it also has some nice parks and scenic river views.

Mandarin is one of the nicest areas to live in Jacksonville, and it won’t take long for you to understand why, whether you’re a retiree heading south or a family with young children.

This well-established community in Jacksonville’s south was given its name in honor of the mandarin oranges that once flowed through the city’s river port.


Arlington is one of the city’s oldest established sections, and it is tucked away in the eastern part of Jacksonville. It borders the southside, and there are bridges that connect it to the beaches. The first Europeans arrived in this area in the year 1500.

Suburbia and urban development coexist in the eastern part of the city, creating an environment that is both quaint and reminiscent of Florida in its way of life.

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Bartram Park

Numerous housing alternatives can be found in this south side haven, and lots of new construction. Families are drawn here by the area’s excellent schools, nearby nature preserve, and safe, bike-friendly neighborhoods with wide sidewalks and plenty of bike lanes.

Bartram Park is one of several developing neighborhoods in Jacksonville, and with good reason: it’s just off of I-95, making it a quick trip to the city center or the beach.

Final Words

There are many other wonderful areas in Jacksonville, and these are just a few examples. With so many possibilities, you’ll easily locate the ideal area to settle down.

Visit each region you’re considering to get a feel for it before making a final decision. Engage in conversation with people, peruse the stores and eateries, and stroll the neighborhood. You can use this information to zero in on the ideal locality for your family.

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