Beyond Taxis: A Lively River Journey with Fort Lauderdale's Water Trolley

Beyond Taxis: A Lively River Journey with Fort Lauderdale’s Water Trolley

Public transportation has adopted various forms in the Southern Florida region.

For instance, there are options like the Brightline train and electric rental scooters available throughout the city.

In Fort Lauderdale, they’re elevating the transportation experience with the introduction of a complimentary water trolley service.

This service allows you to leisurely travel along the New River, stopping at different points of interest.

All passengers are welcome.

Understanding how to flag down a taxi on the bustling streets of New York is essential.

However, summoning a water trolley in Fort Lauderdale offers a different kind of experience – a lively river adventure.

Brian Boucher, who is familiar with the area, says, “Friday and Saturday evenings are particularly vibrant. We have fantastic locations right along the water, such as the wharf over here… Also, Salt Seven.”

Let’s clear up any confusion.

The water trolley service on the New River is distinct from the water taxi service.

Brian Boucher explains, “While the water trolley is operated by the water taxi company, it’s actually a service provided by the City of Fort Lauderdale. This complimentary service takes you up and down the New River. There are eight different stops where you can embark or disembark, including Laura Ward Park.”

Passengers are even encouraged to engage with the boat’s captain.

Brian Boucher adds, “The boat captains are very knowledgeable about the river’s happenings. They witness the daily activities. We train the captains to provide a sort of tour so that passengers have the best possible experience.”

With a maximum capacity of 20 people, the journey is smooth, offering an excellent opportunity for yacht-spotting.

Brian Boucher elaborates, “It’s a delightful and unique experience. Many of our residents along the river, especially those in the high-rise buildings, use it as a means of transportation across or along the riverwalk. Sometimes, they might walk down and then take a ride back.”

Even those accompanied by service animals are welcome.

Jonathan Pierce comments, “My dog seems to enjoy it. We go to the field near the bridge’s end. She loves running around and playing with other dogs. We reside in the Icon building nearby. We’ve recently moved here from New York and aren’t entirely familiar with the area, so we’re trying out various stops.”

For both locals and tourists, riding the trolley is a breeze. Unlike an ex-partner, this mode of transport can easily be located.

Brian Boucher clarifies, “You can visit LauderGo!, find the ‘tracking’ section, and monitor the trolley’s real-time location on the river. Many tourists and locals enjoy a quick 20-minute boat ride to witness the new developments and exciting events around the city.”

Hazel Hazinedar shares her experience, saying, “I took my father out because he’s visiting from New York. It was fantastic. He loved it. This is great because you can see everything, from the bars to the restaurants. It offers a lovely view.”

The water trolley is operational every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Its route begins at Laura Ward Park and concludes at Smoker Park.

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