Brave Six-Year-Old Girl Escapes Kidnapper in Miami by Biting His Arm

Brave Six-Year-Old Girl Escapes Kidnapper in Miami by Biting His Arm

According to the police, a six-year-old girl in Miami managed to escape from her would-be kidnapper by biting his arm on Thursday.

The incident occurred when Ah’Lyric was playing with her siblings in the courtyard of their apartment complex in Miami. They noticed a white SUV parked outside while her siblings went inside for water. At that moment, a man grabbed Ah’Lyric, picked her up, and started running with her.

However, she fought back by biting him, which caused him to slap her and throw her to the ground. He then ran towards his car while Ah’Lyric remained outside on the stairs, waiting for her siblings.

According to the arrest affidavit obtained by NBC News, Ah’Lyric informed the police that she was suddenly grabbed by the arm and pulled toward the rear of the stairs. She resisted and managed to pull away from the attacker.

However, he picked her up again and attempted to carry her away. In her struggle, Ah’Lyric bit the assailant’s arm, forcing him to drop her. He then slapped her and fled towards the front of the apartment complex. Ah’Lyric ran around the building to inform her aunt about the incident.

Miami Police Officer Kiara Delva stated, “A white Hispanic male grabbed her by the arm, picked her up against her will, and attempted to flee the scene with her. Fortunately, that 6-year-old brave little girl fought for her life, she even bit the suspect, forcing him to drop her and let her go.”

The suspect, Leonardo Venegas, 32, was later identified and arrested for kidnapping and child abuse. Miami-Dade jail records confirmed his arrest.

The police located Venegas by running the license plate number of a Range Rover seen in surveillance footage pulling up to the victim’s apartment complex.

During questioning, Venegas claimed to be the person in the surveillance footage, stating that he was house-hunting. However, since the apartment complex falls under Housing and Urban Development (HUD) housing, there were no “For Sale” signs present.

Ah’Lyric’s mother, Teshia McGill, expressed her relief that her daughter was able to defend herself. However, she also expressed concerns about their safety and mentioned the possibility of moving to ensure their security in case the suspect is released.

Miami Police Captain Freddie Cruz expressed the police’s worry and concern regarding the case, emphasizing that it was not a common occurrence. He expressed gratitude for the successful apprehension of the suspect.

In light of the incident, Captain Cruz advised people to play in groups and have adult supervision when playing outside. He urged parents and guardians to keep a close eye on their children, emphasizing the need to protect them as anything can happen unexpectedly.

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