Breaking News CHP Officers Shoot and Kill Man on 405 Freeway in Hawthorne!

Breaking News: CHP Officers Shoot and Kill Man on 405 Freeway in Hawthorne!

After a fight with California Highway Patrol officers on an entrance ramp to the 405 Freeway in Hawthorne on Thursday evening, a man was shot. All northbound traffic was stopped.

At 7:14 p.m., a call came in about a possible small fire near the Rosecrans Avenue onramp. Officers in the area went to check it out. Officer Stephan Brandt of the CHP told The Times that when they got there, they “ran into a pedestrian” and it looked like a tent was on fire.

Shots were fired at some point. KCAL-TV said that police officers said that the suspect had been throwing bricks at them before shots were fired.

The suspect was hurt, and it wasn’t clear right away how bad his injuries were.

Brandt said that officers are looking into what happened and that all northbound lanes of the 405 at Rosecrans Avenue are closed for an unknown amount of time.

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