Canadian Wildfire Smoke Engulfs Northeast and Triggers Widespread Air Quality Alerts Across the US!
Image Source: CNBC

Canadian Wildfire Smoke Engulfs Northeast and Triggers Widespread Air Quality Alerts Across the US!

Recently, a few days ago a flare up of fire in western Canada was noticed propelling a large amount of unhealthy smoke into the United States.

It is continuously and severely affecting the northern tier of the U.S. The rise in smoke is infecting the air and resulting in poor air quality. This led to air quality alerts from many states including Montana and Vermont.

It was predicted that millions of people in the northern U.S. will be facing the problem of decreased visibility with smoggy and unhealthy air. The area of the northern plains, and upper Midwest like Chicago, Detroit, New York, and others were specifically affected by the smoke.

A lesser value in the range of the Air Quality Index (0-500) indicates cleaner air while readings above 300 are considered as hazardous.

According to the Weather Prediction Center, the smoke should be affecting less with the progress of the week. The fire breakout in Western Canada has put the entire state of New York City under the stake of poor air quality.

Canadian Wildfire Smoke Engulfs Northeast and Triggers Widespread Air Quality Alerts Across the US!
Image Source: NBC News

In a news release, Gov. Kathy Hochul said “The smoke is expected to cause the Air Quality Index to reach levels in Upstate communities which are ‘Unhealthy for All’ New Yorkers.”

The British Columbia Wildfire Service reported that the smoke was the result of roughly 400 fires that broke out in the Canadian province of British Columbia in the previous week, and most of them were sparked by 51,000 lightning strikes from thunderstorms. In a province where the level of drought is at its peak, some of those thunderstorms were “dry” or only generated little amounts of rain to extinguish any fires.

In response to the province’s ongoing wildfires, the federal government is anticipated to provide assistance, according to a Public Safety Canada news release published on Sunday.

As per the survey of some websites, “The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre reports that there are more than 880 active fires across the country, at least 580 of which are “out of control”.

It has also led to the death of many firefighters. 

 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted Sunday and paid tribute to them in the words “I’m incredibly saddened by the news from the Northwest Territories, that another firefighter has lost their life battling wildfires. To their family, their friends, and those they were heroically serving alongside: Canadians are keeping you in our thoughts. We’re here for you.”

Affect of Pollutants on Millions

Because Canada is going through its most dreadful and awful fire season on record, there will likely be smoke in some areas of the US for the foreseeable future, depending on weather patterns and fire flare-ups. This year’s fires have burnt more than 24 million acres, an area roughly the size of Indiana.

Since April, more than 1,000 fires have started in British Columbia. As per the reports of the province’s wildfire agency, those fires had already consumed almost three times as much land as an average British Columbian year over the previous ten years.

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