Chatting with Dad: How One Man Preserved His Father's Voice in a Bot

Chatting with Dad: How One Man Preserved His Father’s Voice in a Bot

James Vlahos was told the heartbreaking news that his father had terminal cancer back in 2016. Based in Oakland, California, James explains, “I loved my dad, I was losing my dad.”

His goal was to spend as much time as possible with his father before he passed away. “I did an oral history project with him, where I just spent hours, and hours, and hours just audio recording his life story.”

James’ project quickly changed as a result, as this was the same period that he began to consider a career in AI.

“I thought, gosh, what if I could make something interactive out of this?” he said. “For a way to more richly keep his memories, and some sense of his personality, which was so wonderful, to keep that around.”