Chicago Woman's History of Stalking Unveiled Amid Threats Against Trump and Barron

Chicago Woman’s History of Stalking Unveiled Amid Threats Against Trump and Barron

Tracy Fiorenza, the woman from Chicago who was arrested by the Secret Service for allegedly making threats against the lives of Donald Trump and his teenage son, Barron, had previously been accused of stalking the high schooler, according to information obtained by

It has been revealed that a security guard at The Oxbridge Academy made a 911 call on March 7, reporting an individual named “Tracy” who was a known stalker of a prominent student, claiming to be the former president’s youngest son.

Fiorenza had traveled to West Palm Beach and informed a deputy that she wanted to speak with the school’s headmaster because she had conducted her own investigation into whether Barron was a student there, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

She received a stern warning for trespassing from the authorities and left the school premises. However, Secret Service agents found her later at a nearby gas station and transported her to her hotel.

Police records indicated that she had previously made a series of calls in October, alleging that officials were not following proper procedures at Barron’s school. detailed how Fiorenza supposedly sent threatening emails to the 2024 GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump Sr., and his teenage son, dated May 21, 2023. In one of these messages, she wrote, “I will shoot Donald Trump Sr. AND Barron Trump straight in the face at any opportunity that I get,” as per a criminal complaint filed earlier this month in Florida.

In another email sent on June 5, she declared, “I am going to slam a bullet into Barron Trump’s head with his father IN SELF-DEFENSE!”

Following an interview by Secret Service agents in Chicago on June 14, during which she reportedly confessed to sending the messages from her home in Illinois, Fiorenza was arrested on Monday.

A senior law enforcement official stated that the 41-year-old had been under the U.S. Secret Service’s scrutiny for several years, with the nature of her threats becoming increasingly specific over time, according to CBS News.

The official mentioned, “Her family has expressed concern to law enforcement about her potential for violence. She has struggled chronically with her mental health and recently reported stopping taking her prescribed medication.”

Prosecutors in Florida requested that Fiorenza be held without bond, asserting that her interactions with law enforcement suggested that her threats were not mere online statements. However, her court-appointed lawyer, Daniel Hesler, argued that there was no evidence indicating that she was inherently aggressive.

After her appearance in a federal court in Chicago, it is expected that she will be transferred to Florida.

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