Community Unites in Grief Over Tragic Homicide of Bradenton Teenager
Image Source: WWSB

Community Unites in Grief Over Tragic Homicide of Bradenton Teenager

People living on the 4600 block of 4th Avenue Drive East in Bradenton reported hearing a loud noise around 5 P.M. on Friday. They hurried outside to find out what had happened.

Upon reaching outside, they discovered a teenager on the front lawn of a neighbor’s house and promptly contacted the authorities.

According to a resident, the police arrived at the location within a short span of time and swiftly confirmed that the 17-year-old was no longer alive.

Another neighbor, returning to the community shortly after the event, was surprised to find the street crowded with investigators.

She said that, “Totally surprised. In this neighborhood we usually don’t have any crime at all. It’s tragic that it would happen to anyone, much less a child.”

As per the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, a 19-year-old named Josh Oviedo ran over the victim following a dispute and subsequently fled the scene. However, he was apprehended shortly thereafter behind a nearby shopping center.

The neighbor stated that, “I feel for the family. They may not have had any involvement or know the 19-year-old that did this. But I am glad he got caught.”

The people in the area were pleased with the extensive investigation. A neighbor mentioned that investigators were at his house for around 6 hours.

Oviedo is now in custody, facing charges of first degree murder.