Couple's Unbelievable Christmas Escape from Robber's Grip

Couple’s Unbelievable Christmas Escape from Robber’s Grip

Hiram Tanco Crispin’s booking photo from Miami Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation depicts the aftermath of a harrowing incident. A Florida couple, identified only as Jose and Gladys, managed to thwart a home invasion on Christmas night.

According to court records reviewed by Law&Crime, Miami-Dade Police arrested Crispin on December 26, charging him with armed robbery, home invasion, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The terrifying event unfolded around 8 p.m. on December 25 when Crispin allegedly forced his way into the couple’s Miami home after knocking on their door. Armed with a gun, he bound them with electrical cords, held them hostage, and robbed them of thousands of dollars.

Jose and Gladys recounted the ordeal, stating that Crispin demanded to know how many people were in the house. After forcing the couple into their bedroom and tying them up, he searched for cash. Jose reported that Crispin repeatedly threatened to harm Gladys if he didn’t disclose the location of their money, holding a gun to his head and temple.

In a daring move, Jose claimed he convinced Crispin that there was more money in a van outside. Seizing an opportunity when Crispin momentarily set the gun down, a scuffle ensued. Gladys managed to grab the firearm, and Jose instructed her to run for help.

Gladys fired the gun into the air to attract attention, leading to the discovery of a bullet hole in a nearby car windshield. The bullet itself was later found lodged in the couple’s van. Thankfully, the couple survived the ordeal.

There is no apparent prior connection between the couple and Crispin, according to the police. Crispin, represented by a public defender, entered a not guilty plea to the felony charges of armed robbery, home invasion, and aggravated assault. As of December 26, he is detained in Miami without bond.

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