Danger Ahead: Oregon's Top 5 Cities with High Crime Rates

Danger Ahead: Oregon’s Top 5 Cities with High Crime Rates

Despite being well-known for its scenic landscapes and outdoor activities, Oregon nevertheless has several communities with unsafe streets.

Even though none of Oregon’s cities are listed as the most hazardous in the US, visitors should still be mindful of potential dangers in the area. Let’s examine Oregon’s top five riskiest cities according to crime rates:


With a population of 646,101, Portland has alarmingly high crime rates: 751 violent crimes and 6,324 property crimes for per 100,000 residents.

The city’s attractiveness is demonstrated by its $523,622 median property value, which stands in spite of these difficulties. The city’s comparatively high cost of living is demonstrated by the median income of $85,876, which residents earn, and the typical rent of $1,530.

In Portland, the poverty rate is 12.2% while the unemployment rate is 5.6%. In spite of social and economic divides, Portland is nevertheless a desirable urban destination.

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Coos Bay

The crime rate in Coos Bay, a 15,949-person city, is concerning, with 6,17 violent offenses and 5,847 property crimes committed against every 100,000 citizens. The median home value of $329,613 indicates a stable housing market in spite of these worries.

Danger Ahead: Oregon's Top 5 Cities with High Crime Rates

In contrast, the median rent of $916 and the median income of $53,331 indicate economic diversity. With the unemployment rate of 4.8%, the job market appears to be in relatively good shape.

However, the community’s differences are highlighted by the 14.6% poverty rate, indicating the need for focused assistance and economic development programs to raise citizens.

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Ontario, the most deadly city in Oregon, is situated along the Snake River, bordering Idaho. There are 11,610 people living in Ontario. At $286,357, the median property value represents affordability, while the median income for residents is $39,750.

The typical rental price in Ontario is approximately $739. Notwithstanding, economic difficulties endure, with a 7.0% jobless rate adding to the financial burden experienced by several individuals.

Furthermore, 21.4% of Ontario’s population lives in poverty, making it a comparatively high proportion of poverty in the province.

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With a population of 175,754, Salem has an alarmingly high crime rate: 482 violent crimes and 3,621 property crimes for per 100,000 residents. The town has a median home value of $418,511, which reflects stability and value in the property market despite these difficulties.

Danger Ahead: Oregon's Top 5 Cities with High Crime Rates

On the other hand, the $67,540 median income denotes a moderate degree of prosperity. With a $1,224 median rent, a lot of people are still concerned about home affordability.

The city’s poverty rate of 14.6% emphasizes enduring socioeconomic inequalities, while the unemployment rate of 6.1% indicates continued economic difficulties.

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With 85,539 residents, Medford presents a mixed picture in terms of economic and criminal activity. With 371 violent occurrences per 100,000 residents and 4,104 property crimes per 100,000 residents, the city has a moderate prevalence of both types of crimes.

While inhabitants’ typical income is $65,647, the median value of their homes is $392,181. In Medford, a month’s worth of rent is normally $1,214.

While the unemployment rate of 5.0% suggests a steady labor market, the 13.2% poverty rate indicates that some people in the population are struggling financially.

Medford struggles with high crime rates that could lower inhabitants’ quality of life, despite its diverse economy and reasonably priced housing.

To Conclude

Oregon is known for its breathtaking scenery, yet some of its cities have alarmingly high rates of crime. Although you shouldn’t let this stop you from traveling to the state entirely, it’s vital to be mindful of the risks.

Investigate individual neighborhoods in the cities you intend to visit before you travel, giving priority to busy, well-lit areas. Recall that remaining vigilant and using common sense will help to ensure a safe and happy journey to Oregon.