Danger Ahead: Riverside California's Top 5 Areas Needing Extra Caution

Danger Ahead: Riverside California’s Top 5 Areas Needing Extra Caution

Riverside, situated in Southern California, boasts a population of roughly 330,000 residents. Renowned for its citrus industry, the historic Mission Inn, and its proximity to Los Angeles, Riverside shares the common urban challenge of crime and violence.

This report aims to pinpoint Riverside’s five most hazardous zones, drawing from recent crime statistics and data. Additionally, we’ll furnish details about each area, encompassing population demographics, historical significance, and notable attractions.

NeighborhoodViolent crime rate (per 100,000)Population
Hunter Industrial Park7933,800
Magnolia Center7289,700
Arlington South64515,300


This region in Riverside holds the highest rate of violent crimes, standing at 2,051 incidents per 100,000 people. It is additionally the most densely populated locality, accommodating 10,100 residents. Downtown Riverside serves as the city’s cultural and historic hub, boasting museums, eateries, and green areas.

This area is characterized by its diverse housing options, including apartments, condos, and historic homes, contributing to its high population density.

Downtown Riverside is a focal point for various events and festivals year-round, including notable ones like the Riverside Festival of Lights and the Riverside Dickens Festival.

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This neighborhood in Riverside boasts the second-highest violent crime rate in the area, registering 1,326 crimes per 100,000 people. Despite this, it stands out as one of the oldest and most diverse neighborhoods in the city, showcasing a rich history and culture.

Danger Ahead: Riverside California's Top 5 Areas Needing Extra Caution

Eastside Riverside is home to notable landmarks including the Riverside Metropolitan Museum, Heritage House, and Evergreen Cemetery. The neighborhood features a diverse range of housing options, from single-family homes to apartment complexes.

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Hunter Industrial Park

This region in Riverside holds the third-highest violent crime rate, tallying 793 crimes per 100,000 people. Predominantly an industrial and commercial zone, it has limited residential presence. Hunter Industrial Park is characterized by industrial and commercial spaces, hosting only a few residents.

Despite its primarily industrial nature, the area offers amenities like Hunter Park, Hunter Hobby Park, and Riverside Plaza. The landscape of Hunter Industrial Park is dominated by warehouses, factories, and office buildings, with a sprinkling of residential units.

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Magnolia Center

This region in Riverside ranks fourth highest in violent crime rates, recording 728 crimes per 100,000 people. Magnolia Center, a delightful neighborhood, features a blend of residential, commercial, and educational amenities.

Danger Ahead: Riverside California's Top 5 Areas Needing Extra Caution

Renowned for its tree-lined streets, historic structures, and local enterprises, Magnolia Center offers various attractions, including the Riverside Plaza, Riverside Community College, and Riverside Art Museum.

The neighborhood is primarily composed of single-family homes, supplemented by a few apartments and condos.

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Arlington South

The Riverside area being discussed here ranks fifth highest in terms of violent crime rate, with 645 crimes per 100,000 people. It is characterized as a suburban locality primarily consisting of single-family homes.

Arlington South, the specific suburban neighborhood in question, is predominantly made up of single-family homes with spacious yards. Notably, it is situated in close proximity to the Van Buren Drive-In Theatre and the California Citrus State Historic Park.

The neighborhood offers several amenities, including Arlington South Park, the Arlington Library, and the Arlington Regional Learning Center. Arlington South is known for its peaceful environment and family-friendly atmosphere, boasting low crime rates and reputable schools.

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To Conclude

Though there are many lovely neighborhoods in Riverside, prospective residents should be aware of the regions with higher crime rates.

In addition to the alarming crime numbers, this research focused on five such zones: Downtown, Eastside, Hunter Industrial Park, Magnolia Center, and Arlington South. It offered information on these areas’ historical significance, demography, and notable attractions.

It’s important to keep in mind that crime statistics are subject to change, and this data can be used as a starting point to make well-informed decisions. It is strongly advised to visit extra resources and carry out additional study before making any decisions regarding a Riverside neighborhood.


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