Debate Ignites Over Texas Border Assistance Florida State Guard's Controversial Involvement

Debate Ignites Over Texas Border Assistance: Florida State Guard’s Controversial Involvement

Both political parties are voicing their talking points in the tiny Texas hamlet of Eagle Pass, which is located on the Mexican border, as Florida joins Texas in attempting to curb the migrant influx.

Eagle Pass, which is close to the Rio Grande, has been inundated with migrants for months, prompting Texas and Florida to take countermeasures.

Standing guard, both men and women, are trying to stop the flow of migrants from Mexico.

“It’s not a Biden thing. It wasn’t a Trump thing,” Texas resident Raul Oliveras stated.

Oliveras awaits the day when action is taken to assist both sides of the border since he thinks picking a side will not improve the situation.

“We have to change our asylum laws. We have to change our immigration laws in general, sorry about that, and we need to help process things better,” Oliveras stated.

Andres Alavard, Oliveras’ neighbor, is in favor of penalizing migrants more severely.

“They come here and are allowed to stay in,” Alavard stated. “They’re processed somewhere, and then they just let them lose on the street.”

Alavard is in favor of stepping up border security and utilizing razor wire and buoys in the Rio Grande to prevent migrants from entering Eagle Pass.

All Americans agree that the border will continue to be a hot topic, regardless of their political stance.