Deputy AG GOP Attacks Contribute to Disturbing Surge in Threats Against Justice Department
Image By: ABC News

Deputy AG: GOP Attacks Contribute to Disturbing Surge in Threats Against Justice Department

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco criticized Republican assertions that the Justice Department has been politicized against former President Donald Trump. She stated that these accusations have led to an “unprecedented rise” in threats against law enforcement and other officials.

Monaco, the person in charge of all matters relating to January 6, stated in an interview with ABC News that the claims “bear no resemblance to the Justice Department that know.

The Justice Department that I know is filled with dedicated men and women, investigators, lawyers, prosecutors, analysts, professional staff,” the speaker stated.

She went on to say that staff members “get up every day without regard to who is in the White House or who is in Congress.”

“It really bothers me when I hear those claims because it does a disservice to the men and women of the Justice Department. It contributes to the toxicity that you’re speaking about,” she added.

Monaco highlighted an unprecedented surge in threats against public officials, encompassing law enforcement agents, prosecutors, judges, and election officials. She emphasized the agency’s commitment to addressing these challenges.

She pointed out that she regularly receives urgent reports from U.S. attorneys nationwide regarding threats to public officials, including those within the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Monaco, along with a group of federal prosecutors, has recently become a target of attacks from former President Trump and his allies. This comes amid Trump facing four criminal prosecutions as the 2024 presidential election season approaches.

Trump has consistently made derogatory remarks targeting Monaco, special counsel Jack Smith, and other DOJ prosecutors and federal judges involved in the legal cases against him.

In November, Trump threatened to place Smith and other DOJ officials in mental health facility should he be re-elected president the following year. on his Truth Social network, in post.

From the ethics watchdog group CREW, Trump referred to Smith, former Justice Department official Andrew Weissmann, and Monaco as “team of losers and misfits.”

“All the rest of the Radical Left Zealots and Thugs who have been working illegally for years to ‘take me down,'” he also criticized.

They’re going to, “suffering from a horrible disease, TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME (TDS!), in a Mental Institution by the time my next term as President is successfully completed. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”


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