Discover Olive & Sea A Fusion of Mediterranean Delights in Lauderdale

Discover Olive & Sea: A Fusion of Mediterranean Delights in Lauderdale

It’s time to treat your senses to a vacation. We’re familiar with a place where the flavors, textures, and scents of Mediterranean cuisine harmonize perfectly with a picturesque waterway. In simpler terms, this spot will truly impress you. Get ready to discover Olive & Sea.

The essence of Lauderdale fuses with contemporary Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes to create something fresh at Olive & Sea.

Chef Miguel Toro: “We need to be daring, innovative, and distinct. We’re pioneers in this endeavor, not only due to our scenic location but also in showcasing this style of cuisine.”

However, being bold, innovative, and unique doesn’t overshadow authenticity. What’s presented on your plate pays homage to the cuisine’s heritage.

Chef Miguel Toro: “We’re returning to the art of cooking with robust flavors, using fire, and infusing those daring tastes into our cuisine.”

We’ll circle back to the food in a moment. But first, the restaurant boasts views of the Intracoastal Waterway that are truly worth boasting about.

Chef Miguel Toro: “Our restaurant is simply stunning. Perched on the second floor, it’s a rooftop restaurant with breathtaking vistas of the marina. You can relax here, savor amazing cocktails, delightful appetizers, watch yachts glide by, and thoroughly enjoy yourself.”

You don’t have to be a tourist to appreciate Olive & Sea.

Chef Miguel Toro: “It’s a central hub for the locals.”

Patrick Dupuys: “The architecture, the view, the food is phenomenal. I believe it will greatly enrich the neighborhood.”

Indeed, it’s bringing a plethora of delectable dishes to the neighborhood.

The open kitchen serves a variety of dips and breads, marinated octopus atop saffron tzatziki, and pickled turnips.

And the house specialty: branzino.

Chef Miguel Toro: “We’ll sear it and finish it in the pizza oven to infuse that charred flavor and a hint of wood smoke into the dish. It aligns with the cuisine we specialize in.”

The cocktails are equally exceptional. The Red Sea with Aperol liqueur, the gin-based Ahm-Bah, and the Mediterranean Old-Fashioned with date syrup are all superb choices.

The food and drinks enhance the atmosphere of Olive & Sea.

Chef Miguel Toro: “The ambiance and the energy here are incredible.”

Lexi Leventry: “I love it. The view is breathtaking, as you can see, the food is outstanding, and the chef is remarkable.”

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