Domestic Dispute Son Receives Sentence for Assault on Mother

Domestic Dispute: Son Receives Sentence for Assault on Mother

At their home in The Villages, Florida, a man who claimed that he was “frustrated” was allegedly involved in an attack on his mother, who is 88 years old.

After entering a plea of no contest to a charge of battery earlier this month in Sumter County Court, Steven Michael Fisher, 69, was given a sentence of one year’s probation as a result of the judge’s decision.

According to the arrest record that was filed by the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, Fisher’s mother stated that her son had seized her by the shoulders and shaken her against her will when they were at their house in the Village of Polo Ridge.

The man who was born and raised in Michigan stated that his mother had Alzheimer’s Disease, despite the fact that the condition has not been confirmed by a medical professional.

He stated that he had been “progressively becoming agitated” because of conflicts he had with his mother.

According to the Reports, he claimed that he had grabbed her by the shoulders “out of frustration because she would not listen to him,” and he did so.