Exclusive Detectives Release Footage of Suspected Robber of Elderly Woman!

Exclusive: Detectives Release Footage of Suspected Robber of Elderly Woman!

TAMARAC, Fla. —Detectives have shared security video of a guy they think robbed an old woman and hurt her.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) said that on April 7, at about 8 a.m., an old woman was waiting on Landings Way for her medical transport to pick her up from an appointment. While she was looking at her phone, a man grabbed her bag, pulled her along, and made her fall. The person who did it ran away.

When Tamarac Fire Rescue got there, they took the person to a nearby hospital to get help. The old woman had two broken ribs and several cuts and scrapes.

The woman said that her attacker was a thin Black guy who was about 5’11” tall and was wearing dark pants.

Detectives said that the woman’s stolen credit card was used at the Shop and Save Food Mart in Lauderhill just an hour after the robbery.

The woman’s credit card was used by a guy, who was caught on security video. In the video, he was seen driving up in a Dodge Charger that was dark in color. He has tattoos on his right arm and wears gray pants and a gray T-shirt. He walks around the store and picks up a few things. Then, he pays with the victim’s credit card that he stole and leaves.

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