Families Unite Against Dollar General Lawsuit Filed in Aftermath of Jacksonville Tragedy
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Families Unite Against Dollar General: Lawsuit Filed in Aftermath of Jacksonville Tragedy

The relatives of the victims of the Dollar General shooting in Jacksonville, Florida, are taking legal action against the store’s owner, operator, and security contractor. They allege that inadequate security measures facilitated a racially motivated gunman in causing the tragic deaths of their family members.

As reported by NBC News, the lawsuit was submitted on December 4 in a Florida state court. The legal action specifically identifies the parents and estate of Ryan Palmeter, the individual responsible for the deaths of Angela Carr, Jerrald Gallon, and A.J. Laguerre, as defendants.

At a press conference on December 5, Benjamin Crump, one of the lawyers for the victims’ family, said, “Dollar General, blood is on your hands, too.”

Q’uantavius Laguerre, the elder sibling of A.J. Laguerre, remarked, “If Dollar General simply had someone there for security, just like Family Dollar and Edward Waters did, I wouldn’t be addressing AJ’s situation.”

As per investigators, Palmeter explicitly expressed a strong animosity towards Black individuals in his writings. Furthermore, he texted his father, instructing him to inspect his computer, where a suicide note was discovered alongside his writings. Although his parents alerted the authorities, it was unfortunately too late, as Palmeter had already initiated his assault.

At the scene, Palmeter took his own life. Additionally, the complaint holds Palmeter’s parents negligent for doing things like, “including but not limited to informing the authorities about the threat posed by Ryan Palmeter and by allowing him and/or assisting him to retain his firearms, despite the evident danger posed.”

Source: blackenterprise.com

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