Fatal Fountain Accident Child Electrocuted, Four Others Injured
Image Source: Fox News

Fatal Fountain Accident: Child Electrocuted, Four Others Injured

A calm Sunday afternoon at Harbourside Place took a tragic turn when an electrocution incident happened in the fountain area of the popular waterfront spot.

The Jupiter Police Department, working alongside the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue (PBCFR), quickly responded to the scene at 149 Soundings Avenue.

This event occurred on Sunday, October 22, 2023, around 3:40 p.m. and resulted in injuries to five people. They were swiftly taken to nearby hospitals for treatment.

Three of the victims, identified as juveniles, were rushed to St. Mary’s Medical Center. They are presently receiving medical care and are reported to be on the road to recovery.

On the other hand, an adult victim taken to Jupiter Medical Center was fortunate enough to be discharged after receiving treatment for their injuries.

Sadly, for another adult victim, the outcome was tragic, as they were later declared deceased at Jupiter Medical Center.

The Jupiter Police Department is actively investigating the incident, with support from the Town of Jupiter Building Department, Harbourside Place management, and personnel from Florida Power & Light (FPL).

Together, these agencies are working to uncover the circumstances leading to the electrocution, ensuring a comprehensive and thorough inquiry.

Currently, no further information about the incident has been disclosed, as the investigation is ongoing. The public is urged to stay informed for updates as more details emerge regarding the electrocution incident at Harbourside Place.

Jupiter Police Department Detectives are dedicated to thoroughly examining all aspects of the incident and will provide additional information as it becomes available.

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