Finding Home West Virginia's Most Family-Friendly Towns

Finding Home: West Virginia’s Most Family-Friendly Towns

West Virginia, which is surrounded by the magnificent Appalachian Mountains, has much more to offer than just beautiful scenery. This state is known for its affordable housing, strong feeling of community, and quaint towns full of family-friendly attractions.

West Virginia offers a lot to offer families looking for outdoor adventure, a slower pace of life, or top-notch educational institutions. This explores the central region of the Mountain State, emphasizing the communities that provide exceptional support for families.

Put on your hiking boots, pack your luggage, and get ready to find the ideal West Virginia community to call home!


There are 5,201 people living in the charming West Virginian town of Buckhannon. With an average house price of $152,327 and a median income of $43,621, it provides affordability without compromising comfort.

With a respectable 58, the town takes pride in its family-friendly amenities. The closest big city, Pittsburgh, is only a short drive from Buckhannon, which adds to its allure by allowing residents to take use of urban conveniences without sacrificing the tranquility of a small town.


With 18,402 people living there, it has a kind, welcoming vibe. With $55,084 as the median income, the economic base is solid. Fairmont is a cost-effective choice for potential homeowners, with an average home price of $157,592.

Finding Home West Virginia's Most Family-Friendly Towns

Its family-friendly amenities score of 70 highlights its commitment to offering a supportive environment for families, as seen by the 25.2% of its households that have children.

For everyone who calls Fairmont home, the city offers a pleasant balance of opportunity and comfort, whether it’s through its many amenities or its friendly atmosphere.

Oak Hill

With 8,157 residents, Oak Hill has an average home price of $127,514 and a median income of $48,050. With a 45 family-friendly amenities score, it offers a variety of options fit for people of all ages.

Given that children make up about 25.6% of households, Oak Hill is a family-friendly community. It is a desirable choice for anyone looking for a welcoming and pleasant place to call home because of its diversified community and affordable housing market.

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With 9,255 residents, Bridgeport is a quaint town with an average home price of $269,583 and a typical income of $96,063. Bridgeport has received a score of 37, indicating that it is committed to providing services and facilities that are family-friendly, despite its relatively small size.

Finding Home West Virginia's Most Family-Friendly Towns

The proportion of people who think Bridgeport is a good place to raise a family is quite high—about 25.9% of households there are headed by children.

When looking for a warm and affluent place to call home, Bridgeport is a desirable option because of its unique combination of affordability, stable income, and family-friendly activities.

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With 30,220 residents, Morgantown has an average home price of $267,332 and a median income of $41,103. Although the city has a Family Friendly Amenities Score of 58, it nevertheless has a welcoming culture for families, with 15.0% of homes having children.

For individuals looking for a cozy and friendly community, Morgantown is a desirable location because of its combination of family-friendly attractions and reasonably priced homes.

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To Conclude

West Virginia’s communities, which range from quaint Buckhannon to vibrant Morgantown, provide a special combination of low costs, a sense of community, and thrilling family activities.

Keep in mind that this is only the beginning; learn more about the communities that best suit the needs and interests of your family. West Virginia’s hospitable communities are ready to be discovered, whether you’re looking for slower-paced living, top-notch educational opportunities, or outdoor experiences.

Thus, begin your adventure now to choose the ideal location in the stunning Mountain State to establish roots and build a family!

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