FL BBQ & Soul Food Restaurant Closes Amidst Insurance Affordability Crisis
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FL BBQ & Soul Food Restaurant Closes Amidst Insurance Affordability Crisis

Although running a restaurant can be tough, it’s disheartening for Floridians when a beloved spot has to close. This year, Florida has seen several closures due to increasing costs and financial challenges, like Icebox Cafe.

Unfortunately, there’s another addition to this list, but there might be a glimmer of hope for a new location down the road.

Let’s talk about Jazzy’s: This Jacksonville gem was your go-to place for a taste of home-cooked meals, reminiscent of your grandmother’s kitchen. The menu featured Southern favorites like fried chicken, pork chops, crab cakes, and shrimp bowls, among other delicious options.

In August 2023, Jazzy’s announced on social media that they had to close down because of circumstances beyond their control. According to News4Jax, one reason for the closure was lawsuits.

The Jacksonville Daily Record mentioned in early August 2023 that these lawsuits had made Jazzy’s insurance rates too expensive. Owner Celestia Mobley explained to the station that:

Our landlord decided we were too much of a liability and told us we pretty much had to leave.

Jazzy’s Food could become a reality in the future. According to News4Jax, Mobley has mentioned a new business called 904 Jazzy’s, and there are hopes it will open in downtown Jacksonville by early 2024.

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