Florida GOP Chairman Under Investigation in Alleged Rape Case
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Florida GOP Chairman Under Investigation in Alleged Rape Case

The chairman of the Florida Republican Party is currently under investigation for alleged rape, despite no formal charges having been filed. His attorney asserts that he will ultimately be cleared of any wrongdoing.

This inquiry into Christian Ziegler coincides with a crucial period for the Republican Party of Florida, as both former President Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis, both Republicans from Florida, are vying for the presidency.

Additionally, the state GOP is actively working to secure the re-election of U.S. Senator Rick Scott.

Florida played a pivotal role in Republicans securing a narrow majority in the U.S. House in 2022, and the party is now tasked with defending these newly acquired seats.

The Florida Center for Government Accountability was the first to publicly disclose the investigation into Ziegler, who is married to Bridget Ziegler, the co-founder of Moms for Liberty.

Upon request, the Sarasota Police Department provided the Associated Press with documents related to the investigation into Christian Ziegler.

However, the incident report was heavily redacted, with multiple references to rape and sexual assault, but any specific mention of Ziegler was obscured.

“Mr. Ziegler has been fully cooperative with every request made by the Sarasota Police Department,” his lawyer, Derek Byrd, stated in a statement. “Unfortunately, public figures are often accused of acts that they did not commit whether it be for political purposes or financial gain. I would caution anyone to rush to judgment until the investigation is concluded.”

The police report, concerning an incident in a private home two days prior, was filed on October 4. Democrats promptly seized upon the investigation as a political matter.

State Democratic Party Chairwoman Nikki Fried stated in a statement.”I applaud the accuser’s bravery in coming forward against a political figure as powerful as Christian Ziegler. “Ziegler can’t possibly continue to lead the Florida GOP under these conditions.”

In February, Ziegler assumed control of the party, just three months after DeSantis secured a resounding re-election victory. During this election, Florida stood out as one of the Republicans’ few bright spots on the national stage.

Ziegler and his wife form a formidable Republican duo. Bridget Ziegler serves on the Sarasota County School Board and has gained nationwide recognition for her involvement with Moms for Liberty.

This group advocates for a conservative agenda in public schools, addressing issues such as civil and LGBTQ rights, as well as teaching about the experiences of marginalized communities.

Bridget Ziegler was appointed by Ron DeSantis to a board created by the state to oversee development on Disney World property.

This move came as part of a broader conflict initiated when DeSantis, in response to Disney’s opposition to his proposal to prohibit instruction on LGBTQ topics in public schools, revoked Disney’s self-governance privileges and established the board.

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