Florida Man Accused of Impersonating as a Cancer Patient, Scamming Various Nonprofits

Florida Man Accused of Impersonating as a Cancer Patient, Scamming Various Nonprofits

Timothy Bartlett, a guy from Florida, is accused of perpetrating a terrible conspiracy to swindle various NGOs by posing as a cancer sufferer in desperate need.

This heinous tale of greed and deception has left a trail of betrayal and fury in its wake, casting light on the murky underside of fraudulent operations that may occasionally enter the same organizations designed to help the weak.

As the investigation into Bartlett’s behavior proceeds, the broader consequences of his alleged crimes serve as a sobering reminder of the need for vigilance and to protect the charitable sector’s integrity.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office claims that Edwinna Morrin, the proprietor of The Lyn Fund, received a disturbing report that sparked the investigation into Timothy Bartlett’s illicit activities.

A woman going by the name “Sally Holmes” had gotten in touch with Morrin and claimed to be a breast cancer patient in need of financial support.

Morrin found that the information given by “Sally Holmes” was untrue after conducting additional investigation. The phone number provided was discovered to be disconnected, and the address indicated on the application was discovered to be an empty commercial property.

After doing further research, Morrin discovered that Bartlett—the purported landlord listed in the application—did not, in fact, own any rental properties.

Florida Man Accused of Impersonating as a Cancer Patient, Scamming Various Nonprofits

It became evident as the investigation went on that Bartlett’s deceit was not confined to a single instance. His orchestration of a similar conspiracy to swindle four other charity organizations in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Wisconsin was discovered by detectives.

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Bartlett had taken on the identity of a different cancer patient in each instance, fabricating records and information to get money from these nonprofits. It was estimated that he had obtained a total of $5,000 through his fraudulent actions.

Detectives from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office confronted Bartlett about the purportedly fraudulent banking activities on May 23, 2024, when they showed up at his Deltona, Florida, home.

Bartlett admitted receiving cheques meant for a fictional person called “Joshlynn Jackson” during the interview, but he asserted that he was unaware of this person.

“I have seen a lot of morally reprehensible scams in my career, but this has to be one of the worst,” Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood stated.

Bartlett offered evasive explanations about operating a home-based business where he “cashed checks for people,” which did not convince anyone of his involvement in the scheme.

Bartlett was ultimately arrested as a result of the inquiry on suspicion of grand theft and orchestrated plan to defraud under $20,000.

Bartlett’s dishonest tactics affected several organizations, including the Lyn Fund, the New Hampshire Breast Cancer Coalition, the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition, the Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance, and Sophia’s Fund in Massachusetts.


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