Florida Man Vanishes After Shocking $10 House Sale What Happened

Florida Man Vanishes After Shocking $10 House Sale: What Happened?

WBPF says that a Florida senior hasn’t been seen since he signed away his home in a $10 deal years ago. Friends and neighbors of Claude Frye told reporters that they haven’t seen or heard from him in a while and don’t know where he is.

“He left everything behind, including all of his clothes, his bike, which is his only way to get around, his checkbook, and everything else. And he has almost no money. Then why would he do that?” Vince Errico, a neighbor, explained what had happened and said that he had told the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Department that someone was missing.

Back in 2021, Frye sold his 23-year-old home in Fort Pierce to Thomas Brinson. He did this so that Brinson could help him pay his mortgage. Frye’s mother died in 2020, which made it hard for him to pay his bills. Because of this, the bank took away his longtime home.

Court records show that Frye gave Brinson the property’s deed for only $10, which Frye didn’t know about until after the fact.

Frye told WBPF at the time, “I signed a paper once, and I didn’t realize that gave him the right to sell it and kick me out.”

Reporters say that Brinson sold Frye’s house to an investor, who then sold it to another person for $185,000. The owner then filed for eviction, and even though Errico wrote a letter saying that Frye was “mentally disabled and taken advantage of,” a judge agreed with the owner.

When Frye’s story aired and shocked the whole country, an investor who wanted to help him reached out. Errico told reporters that another neighbor drove Frye to Fort Lauderdale before the final eviction. No one has heard from him since then, and he hasn’t been picking up the phone.

Errico told the news station, “Yes, I’m very worried about him.” “That’s not right, you know.”

The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Department is asking anyone who knows where Frye is to get in touch.

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