Florida Man's Violent Act on Dogs Post-Prison Release

Florida Man’s Violent Act on Dogs Post-Prison Release

In a troubling development in South Florida, Bradley Wiita found himself back in custody shortly after being released, this time accused of stabbing his neighbor’s dog.

The incident transpired when David Caicedo, seated outside his Miami apartment, was approached by Wiita. In an unprovoked act, Wiita allegedly stabbed Caicedo’s dog twice on the left side of the neck and jaw.

Caicedo, both shocked and angered, attempted to confront Wiita, but friends wisely intervened, advising him to wait for the police. Wiita claimed he attacked the dog in defense of his own, but witnesses contradicted this, asserting that the dogs were not in close proximity.

Interestingly, Wiita had been arrested just two days prior, facing charges of battery for allegedly punching his roommate in the face.

Released on bond the morning of the dog incident, he now faces charges of domestic violence and violating an injunction.

Despite the traumatic event, Caicedo, displaying remarkable empathy, expressed a willingness to accept Wiita’s apology and forgo pressing charges.

Wiita’s legal challenges persist, with arraignment hearings set for the battery charge on December 11 and for the domestic violence and violation of injunction charges the following day.

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