Florida Residents Speak Out Public Service Commission Faces Rate Increase Hearings
Image By: WTSP.com

Florida Residents Speak Out: Public Service Commission Faces Rate Increase Hearings

This week, consumers are being heard by Florida’s Public Service Commission on planned rate increases from Duke Energy and Tampa Electric, or TECO.

Environmentalists spoke out mostly against Duke Energy’s planned rate increase, which did not include a push toward renewable energy sources, during Wednesday’s PSC hearing in Inverness.

Many customers opposed the hike outside the meeting for financial reasons, which is another “green” argument.

“You know, the way things are right now with inflation and things like that, you know it’s not a great thing right now,” customer Junior Strothe stated.

Public meetings are being held by state regulators. A base rate hike that could cost the typical customer hundreds of dollars annually is what both Duke Energy and TECO are requesting.

“The economy is so horrible,” customer Jo Brown stated. “The prices of gas, the prices of food, the utilities. The rent. The mortgage. The insurance, everything is outrageous. So, this just adds to the fire.”

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